Skype used by FoxNews to report on pirate hostage crisis

Posted By on April 13, 2009

Captain Phillips

I wanted to archive the success and impressive work of the U.S. Navy and bravery of the captain of the Maersk Alabama, east of Somalia this weekend and have been debating how to include the event. After listing to a podcast about the new Skype app for the iPhone, decided that a major networks use of Skype might be an unusual segway.

On the FoxNews morning program on Monday,  Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly used and gave plugs to Skype in connecting with their expert to explain the U.S. Navy’s rescue of Captain Richard Phillips. The use of Internet bandwidth for both voice and video is nothing new to most familiar with new technology, but seeing Skype promoted with a big news story AND having an new free application available at the iPhone App Store is a good way to get some free adversting.

Skype is currently my Voice over IP (VoIP) program of choice as the voice and video quality is constitently good.  Although I’m no longer paying for Skype Out service, I do appreciate using it for computer to computer calls with video, and have found it helpful in calling 800 numbers or with Goog411.


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