Hot topic: H1N1 Flu and our health concerns

Posted By on May 1, 2009

Catherine Hall Boy MaskedWatching and archiving the hot topic and some better information as it relates to H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu is a misleading “pork” hindering name). Hopefully this pandemic will only lightly impact our population due to good planning and early information (see Google map in previous post) I do see over the top hype coming from some in the media, although realize that containing the spread of this infectious strain of flu is achieved by care and concern. The United States Department of Health has an excellent PlanFirst Webcast (below) on HiNi Flu with HHS Secretary Sebelius and DHS Secretary Napolitano; I particularly appreciated the calm advice  from Acting Director of CDC, Dr. Richard Besser.

I’ll also use this post as an opportunity to link to a photo from a very talented professional photographer (click above photo for larger version) Catherine Hall as she has an extraordinary eye for people and way of using light for still photography. (she uses the Canon 5D: Mark IImy choice of cameras if price was no object— I need to ask about her lens selection.)


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