A weekend of computer related woes

Posted By on June 1, 2009

It has not been a good weekend for computers under my care and I’ve been punished by fate for over-confidence in the new Windows 7 RC release … and in my “lack of appropriate backups” on my Mac. First, I started the process of preparing to update a couple computer from the Windows 7 Beta that I’ve raved about to the release candidate. Unfortunately this update is a clean install and the first computer I attempted this on was my wife’s 5-6 year old Dell Inspiron notebook. The Windows 7 install went well, but the driver reinstall went poorly; in fact, no recognition of the wireless card, the network card or the monitor driver. After a few minutes of hunting around on my other computer Saturday morning I gave up and the weather was too nice to be rebuilding computers.

Second, we had a series of storm roll though and although power was never lost, the external hard drive connected to my Mac either had a power loss or power surge as it was writing to the drive (I’m assuming). Upon restart, the drive will not mount. Standard disk utilities will not recognize the drive and suggests to reformat (initilize) the drive. I’ve tried a couple of other programs such as Drive Genius and DiskWarrior to no avail. This might be a good quesiton for Tuesday’s WMUB HelpDesk podcast?


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