Blackberry case comes in handy for the Palm Pre

Posted By on June 16, 2009

Blackberrry case for the Palm Pre Palm Pre in Blackberry holder

After a week slipping my new Palm Pre smartphone in my front pants pocket, I’ve decided it really needs a little protection if it is going to last a few years. Since the ‘cute’ little pouch that comes packaged with the Pre is not well suited for daily pocket use, in my opinion … I’ve opted to recycle a “lost but found” Blackberry slipcover case.

The slightly wider case actually works very well and the phone is easy to access, but doesn’t readily fall out. I’m hoping that the case will also offer just enough protection if dropped and still make it easy to access the phone. Other Palm Pre owners who prefer carrying their phone in a pocket might want to consider this option until a premium slip case is fitted for your expense phone.

Now if only the little cut that is on the left were on the right (photo below), the tiny Pre speaker would be easier to hear.

Blackberry case for Palm Pre



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