Evaluating cellphone reception strength of the Palm Pre

Posted By on July 7, 2009

Treo v. Pre

In continuing with comparison strengths and weaknesses of the Palm Pre smartphone, one of the concerns I have is over cellphone signal reception strength. The currently Sprint only Pre doesn’t have the same solid reception strength as my Palm Treo 700p (or Centro for that matter), according to the signal meter and personal observations. The photo above doesn’t demonstrate this as well as I would have hoped since putting the two phone in close proximity seemed to improve the signal bar reading on the Pre (odd?).

Nevertheless, I rarely noticed my Treo showing less than 3 bars of strength and now am getting use to having only 1 bar on my Palm Pre. I’ve not notice a significant drop in calls while on the roads, but can no long can use the phone in my basement which was generally not a problem with the Treo unless I was using the bluetooth headset. I was curious as to what other thought and started a poll last month … seems others are concluding the same.



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