We still have our Independence thanks to men like Mr. Powers

Posted By on July 5, 2009

Darrell Shifty PowersAs we talked about the 4th of July and celebrated with family and time together this weekend, I mentioned to my World War II history buff son, that American ‘hero’ Darrell “Shifty” Powers (March 13, 1923 – June 17, 2009) recently passed away. For those that don’t know him, he was foremost a dedicated husband of almost 60 years and great father according to his family, but far better known by those who have read the Stephen Ambrose book “Band of Brothers” or watched the HBO miniseries by the same name. He was 86 and died of natural causes (after being diagnosed with cancer in 2008) and part of the famous 101st Airborne Division’s Easy Company as a paratrooper and sharpshooter during WWII. His portrayal as one of the heroic “Band of Brothers” made my son appreciate what previous generations of Americans did for our country and  in the ‘goodness’ of Americans. Hopefully for the men of this “greatest generation” their patriotism will inspire men like my son for generations to come.

It is difficult seeing men of Darrell Powers caliber pass away (perhaps I’m thinking of my aging father and father-in-law?), but good that his legacy has been preserved by historians, writers and film makers. One of the most positive aspects of Powers’ nature was the fact that he was able to reflect respectfully, as many veterans do, on the enemies he once fought against and commented about them: “We might have had a lot in common. He might’ve liked to fish, you know, he might’ve liked to hunt. Of course, they were doing what they were supposed to do, and I was doing what I was supposed to do, but under different circumstances, we might have been good friends.”

RIP Mr. Powers … you were one of America’s finest.



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