Is Glenn Beck the modern face of a founding father?

Posted By on September 22, 2009

No offense Glenn, but I’m more comfortable remembering our nations’ wigged fathers!
:mrgreen: (see Time magazine cover photo & articles)

Americans with moderate to conservative political views have flocked to right leaning talk radio and FoxNews television this past year (cable news ratings), as Time Magazine cover with Glenn Beckthe United States congress and President Obama seek to follow through on their campaign promises of “change.” In protest to the deciding liberal direction of  this “change,” concerned citizens began a series of Tea Parties (see 1, 2 or 3) focused on exorbitant government spending, corporate bailouts and more recently nationalized health care. The grassroots uprising has rocketed unofficial figurehead and radio/TV personality Glenn Beck to “the catbird seat,” much as so-called Hillarycare did in 1993 for Rush Limbaugh. It’s not that Glenn Beck is focused on merely criticizing President Obama and the Democratic congress, but  he has tapped into American’s frustration over ineffective and bloated federal government in general. He has without question rallied traditional everyday Americans to take notice to what is happening to their country, not just under the current administration, but the prior administration as well. Like a minister reinforcing his points using scripture, Beck regularly references the writings of our founding fathers and contrasts the change taking place and being proposed to their ideals  — “change” that has the federal government assuming more and more control over what once was the responsibility of individuals.

Advocates for less invasive government, lower taxes and personal liberty, have seen the tentacles of Washington DC politicians become more and more entangled in our personal lives; they see it as a socialization of American an threatening the foundation of our country. They see bigger government counter to the independence and freedoms that enabled generations of Americans to build a strong nation. They see a smaller government as one which encourages individuals to take responsibility and believe that lower taxes  hands citizens with a direct vested interest in using it wisely as the most efficient. It’s individualism and capitalism that has made the United States the most prosperous and innovative in the world, as well as a model for all seeking freedom. Unlike those who see the socialist countries across the Atlantic the example for the United States, those exercising their first amendment rights against the current administration and congressional leadership believe our nation would be stronger if we returned to the founding fathers’ values for our nation.

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It’s not just a fringe group of vocal Libertarians and Republicans that are concerned either, as Independents and moderate Democrats are wondering how much is too much government? Those who hear Glenn Beck’s consistent message know that he pounded the table against both Republicans and Democrats who advocate government as the answer to our economic woes. At the core, Republicans do “talk” as if they want less power in Washington DC, but often stray from their principles once they arrive on Capital Hill. Democrats, at least those in control, seem to be bent on liberal change … change that is moving us toward Washington DC centered control, where citizens become ‘even more’ dependent on the federal government. It’s has been an incremental creep over the past several decades, but the current changes are ones that may take huge bites if the current administration and congress have their way.

Glenn Becks new book, Arguing with Idiots, goes on sale today, September 22, 2009.



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