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Posted By on September 23, 2009

Ghost Wars - Steve CollAlthough I’m not one to read books (especially 728 pages) on a web browser, I did notice that Ghost Wars by Steve Coll is available as a scanned and imaged book on Google. So far I’m finding the history lesson intriguing and fitting with one of my favorite movies, Charlie Wilson’s War. If you’re interested in detailed account of how our intelligence agencies operate from spies to budget procedures, Mr. Coll provides plenty of information. From the collapse of the Soviet Union to the rise of Osama Bin Laden Ghost Wars - Steve Colland attempt to covertly eliminate him, the inter-working of the CIA in Afghanistan is most intriguing. Although the information in this 2004 book is history, it is timely considering President Obama will soon be deciding on escalating troop numbers in Afghanistan.


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