Protecting the underside of a VW TDI with an alumium skidplate

Posted By on September 21, 2009

Full Metal Jacket Side Skirts

Volkwagen TDI friend Eric R. and I filmed a new CinciTDI “How-To” video on Sunday afternoon and as installed his new Dieselgeek Panzer skidplate and ‘Full Metal Jacket‘ side skirts (great kit Jim). The installation was easy and although we were puzzled by a couple of the tabs on the Skidplate Jackside skirts — but it helped to “read the instructions” and hand fitted the pieces in place. I’ll post the video here when it is finished as well as to the “How-To” video section of CinciTDI.

I can attest to the robustness of the Panzer plate having installed both a steel VW skidplate on my previous VW Jetta TDImust see — and the Panzer on my daughters TDI. Both vehicles have put them to the test, mine with a large rock and my daughter keeping the engine ‘at bay’ with broken engine mounts! No doubt Eric will be happy with the new protection and durable ‘Full Metal Jacket’ side skirt protection.

Panzer Skidplate and Full Metal Jacket kit

Panzer Plate VWVortex image

Installing skidplate
Eric “cheating” by using impact wrench to install final rivnuts.


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