Taxpayer funded government granted “rights”

Posted By on April 21, 2010

From the “you must be kidding” files:

There are time when we think we’ve heard it all when it comes to how big the ‘nanny state’ can grow and oversee our lives. Take Europe for example, Americans have a love-hate relationship with our cousins across the pond. Thankfully most of us still prefer the politics of individual liberty and freedom from and overly oppressive government … but as “social justice” is bantered around by Liberal Democrats and Progressives I’m not sure how long before the U.S. resembles the EU?

As if the 4 day work weeks, 5 week “holidays” and painfully high taxes weren’t enough to cripple productivity and ambition, how about paying for someone else’s travel or vacation … it’s being proposed … I kid you not.



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