Think twice before you Facebook “Like”something on the web

Posted By on April 22, 2010

What are you doing when you click the Facebook “Like” button?

You might want to think twice before you divulge your taste to companies who might be interested in marketing to you … especially if you prefer your privacy.


The social networking giant Facebook has a potential goldmine of user information that can be marketed to those with an interest and the dollars … and that information is on the grow. After a rollout of the new “Like” button, which is placed on other websites that drives traffic back to Facebook, the click generates a user’s interest in the content which in turn “could” be used to market right back at them. Though … according to a WSJ article“Facebook said it isn’t currently launching any new ad-targeting products in conjunction with the service.”  But call me a skeptic when I hear that Facebook is just mapping out “connections between people and their interests, gathering more explicit information about users’ favorites in order to deliver them a shoppingcardsmore personalized experience on Facebook and on other sites.”

For now, share your information and Facebook “Likes” with care as the profile they are developing is not unlike retail shopping cards … and could be marketed to companies interested in selling something to you based on your clicks.


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