Time to open the pool and enjoy a fire on the back porch

Posted By on April 20, 2010

timetoopenthepool100419It was a pleasant spring evening on the back porch after opening the pool on Monday. We are a bit late this year in getting the cover off and I expected to see some pretty grungy water … but was pleasantly surprised; I think it’s the best it has ever looked after pulling the cover off. While filling the pool I starting to think we were experiencing an earthquake since the water in the pool began sloshing even withoutIt's a perfect  evening for reading a book by the fire. on Twitpic anyone in the water, although it turned out to be the level of water rising to just the right level to where the pump pressure caused the sloshing action. (Palm Pre photos both direct and using Twitpic as well as non-audio cellphone video embed of the ‘sloshing’ below)

All in all it was also a nice evening to put the cushions back on the chairs and enjoy a fire in the outdoor fireplace. The wind was light to non-existent as evening approached and the fire just about perfect for taking off the chill and reading a book.


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