Fresh-Water Wind Farm on Lake Erie

Posted By on June 25, 2010

Cleveland Ohio is undergoing a skyline change …

Wind Farm on Lake Erie A fresh-water wind farm is taking shape at Lake Erie and when completed will provide 20 megawatts and get on to about one gigawatt power by 2020. Huge individual turbines 300 feet tall, to be built by GE will be erected off Ohio, Cleveland. Better designs: These are special gearless super-efficient turbines, with three 176-foot long blades, which run with the help of a giant ring of magnets. The blades are longer due to strategically placed carbon fibre, and lighter too. Many moving parts like gearbox, coils and starter brushes are eliminated with resultant reduced maintenance. The giant magnetic ring array helps the turbine generate power even at very low speed.

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  • actually it is not that hard to setup wind farms, the only problem is that it requires lots of capital investment.-,’

  • Charlotte Wright

    wind farms are great but they also take up a large land area

  • Adam Brooks

    wind farms are eco friendly and can generate massive amounts of electricity

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