Airventure 2010 in Oshkosh is well underway

Posted By on July 28, 2010


In chatting with an EAA buddy camping for the week up at Airventure 2010 I had the chance to talk to him about a few ideas for our local EAA Chapter 284, and he has some excellent ones. I’ve also been paying attention to the “goings-on” this week online through the variety of feeds, links and multimedia. First there are a number of Twitter feeds based on one’s interest which are easy to follow even on a cellphone, and of course there are plenty of blog posts along with photos and video. Then there’s the live and archived EAARadio connection along with 3 airport associated radio feeds. With all of this technology, its easy to eat up an evening or waste time at work, but I’ll include only one video clip below  … the SubSonex with a new small self-contained jet engine.



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