Razors, hoarding and money spent of shaving

Posted By on July 12, 2010

The waste of money buying disposable razors moved me to an electric razor about a decade or so ago, and although the shave isn’t has close, the frustration of being down to my last razor has been worth the switch. razors100712Still, I enjoy the occasional freebee razor that shows up in my mailbox as a gimmick to try the “latest and greatest” razor … yet can’t quite justify the premium price to be on the “cutting edge.”

The WSJ had a fun article today that had me nodding in agreement. I too have found myself searching for my “cheap favorite” disposable razor if for nothing more than cleaning up my neckline or stubborn whiskers my Braun refuses to snag. Besides justifying that a two-blade disposable can shave almost as good as the more expensive 3, 4 and 5 blade premium heavy weights, I’m still cheap enough to hoard even them and find myself squirreling them away from the “razor robbers” in my home.

"If these disappear one day, I will be devastated," says Mr. Crowell, a 44-year-old professional golfer in Bedford Hills, N.Y.

He, too, keeps a stash at home. But he keeps it secret, lest his wife or daughters snag one. "I’m uncomfortable revealing my hiding spot," he says.

Mr. Crowell attributes his ability to achieve a good shave with a basic blade to his strong putting game. "People who have a good feel for the contours of the putting green don’t need a fancy razor," he says. "If you’ve got some degree of touch and feel, you can follow the topography of your face accurately."



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