PRA Chapter 34 rotorcraft fly to EAA Chapter 284 for a visit

Posted By on July 11, 2010


EAA Chapter 284 hosted Popular Rotorcraft Association Chapter 34 at Red Stewart Airfield (40I) in Waynesville Ohio on Sunday. I was a beautiful and warm day for grilling burgers and hotdogs at our EAA chapter hanger. The turnout was excellent and everyone enjoyed the comradely focused on promoting and enjoying recreational aviation.

IMG_3746Besides a close up ogling of these strange looking flying contraptions (my observation), we even had the opportunity to observe an unplanned landing  as one of the pilots upon departure slowed a bit too much while making IMG_3751a tight turn with the wind at the end of the runway. Interestingly the emergency landing was much gentler than a fixed wing could have ever hoped for as pilot and machine plopped comfortable in a few weeds just off the runway. A brief inspection turned up no damage and the pilot was back on his way within 30 minutes. There must be something to the “safer than fixed wing” comments those hanging around aviation circles hear?


It was an enjoyable afternoon.


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