What engine/fuel option will you consider for your next car?

Posted By on September 15, 2010

tflcarschallenge2010 Earlier this month, the folks at TFLcar ran a non-scientific test where they compared three different fueling options in three different cars. All three vehicles are known to offer good fuel economy … but only one is fun to drive.
Unfortunately, the test doesn’t offer any high degree of accuracy due to the small fuel sampling size (ie. about a gallon of fuel) and I’m doubtful a short loop of 38.3 miles is all that fair for non-hybrid vehicles – unless the hybrid starts dge_challengewithout a charge in its batteries?

Never the less, the challenge looked like a fun comparison pitting somewhat real world drivers on a realistic mixed loop in and around Boulder, Colorado. (click photo thumbnail to left to cheat or just watch video below)


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