Upgrading Palm Pre apps: I should know better

Posted By on October 12, 2010

speedtest101012While struggling to stay productive during my out of town trip last week, I found it necessary to tether my computer to my Palm Pre a couple of times. On previous trips I bragged about MyTether as a way to do this, but after a summer webOS update it no longer works … so I switched to option 2 a few months ago: Palm Mobile Hotspot used with the Verizon webOS phones. Although I don’t use the tethered connection enough to justify a dedicated 3/4G USB dongle or netbook computer with built-in connectivity, being able to tether when WiFi hotspot aren’t available is pretty convenient.

Unfortunately, I also made the mistake of  updating my phone apps on my Palm Pre while I was killing time (yes, I know better). One of the apps that was updated was Palm Mobile Hotspot and doing it fouled up my connectivity to the Sprint network.

I gave up on connecting for the balance of the weekend, but knew I would eventually need the connection again. So after a quick review of the Palm Pre forums I found the fix to be as simple as deleting are reinstalling the old 1.0.14 patched Mobile Hotspot.

Step by step plus downloads:

  1. Delete the new version of Palm Mobile Hotspot
    (hold orange/opt key and touch app, confirm delete)
  2. Connect the Palm Pre to the computer via USB wire – charge only.
  3. Run the WebOSQuickInstall.jar (used to install apps on the Pre)
  4. Download and install the previous downloaded IPK (rt ck/save as):


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