WebOS 1.4.5 requires cleaning & speeding up my Palm Pre

Posted By on September 4, 2010

As the Labor Day holiday weekend kicks off, I did some light technology housekeeping chores on my Palm Pre smartphone.mobilehotspot100903_ govnah_2010-03-09_152323Besides finally getting around to smoothing out my app card screen order, I updated my UberKernel and the  Govnah app to include a 1gHz screen-on mode. The doubling of clock speed may be pushing things a bit(I’ve been running 800mHz), but enough webOS Palm Pre guys have been doing it to make me feel like trying. Some are even cocky enough to try 1.2gHz! One of the advantages of the Govnah app is to manage the ‘screen-off’ 500mHz state and the screen-on 1gHz state in order to keep the processor cooler. The speed increase is noticeable and at this point both stability and battery life seem pretty good.

Another missing app was added back to my Pre too – a replacement for my non-working since webOS 1.4.5 update was MyTether (for connecting my computer to the Internet through my phone). us_2010-03-09_160202Unfortunately after updating, I lost the ability to use my phone as a mobile wifi connection – something I only use when a public hotspot is not available. The solution for now (until a new version of MyTether is released) is to use the Verizon “Mobile Hotspot” app via us.ryanhope.freetetherd ipk. It works pretty well, but the connection seems a bit slower than before (above)?

I also updated another app a day earlier … and actually  finally purchased the Twitter app called Tweed for my Pre. I’ve continued to use this app daily using the free beta, but after a authorization change by Twitter earlier this week, it no longer worked. Thankfully, PivotalLabs decided to attract those of us still using the beta by lowering the price from the $2.99 Palm webOS catalog price to 99 cents – I splurged and it was about time!

Have a great Labor Day weekend.


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