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Posted By on December 19, 2010

In a previous post I mentioned that Brenda and I were going to try selling a few pieces of broken gold jewelry, some tarnished silver and a few odd ‘lost and found’ type items that we knew we wouldn’t wear. Sure I could have taken them to a local gold buyer, but since the conservative financial radio guy Dave Ramsey endorsed we figured it was worth a try – they paid the shipping.gsfc_gold101215


For our miscellaneous items they offered a check of $114.55, which I took; I didn’t think the amount was too bad and it was certainly more than I expected. Still, my greedy inner-self now wonders if it was worth more than that?  Brenda wished she would have plucked the opal out of one of the broken necklaces. Hmm … we might try selling some sterling silver next go around since we have a set of “nut trays” my wife purchased at an estate sale – who needs “nut trays” anyway — we don’t even have sterling silver flatware to set a table with them anyway.

Fortune Magazine has a well written article in the December 27th issue on “Gold Fever” (the article is not online yet). The author start and finishes on panning or slewing for gold and offers up a few history lessons for those getting caught up in the varied reasons and rush to own gold in one way or another. One wonders, if like run-ups in precious metals of the past, whether we’re in for a correction or even a crash from the near $1500/oz level. I would say ‘yes’ … but who knows when and how high it could go before we see it back to more realistic numbers. I thought this page of minted gold coins from around the world was interesting (click for larger image).



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