Rip roaring a rally car on the snow covered Alps

| March 15, 2012

The Top Gear crew filmed a Peugeot 207 S 2000 racing down the snow covered twists and turns near the ski resort Ravascletto (Monte Zoncolan in the Alps). The video below displays some pretty impressive driving with drifting and high speeds by the 6 time Italian rally champion Paolo Andreucci. Beautiful scenery that … debatably […]

First snow for 2012 and a UK Top Gear chuckle

| January 2, 2012

It looks like we’ll be getting the first real snow of the season today … and definitely the first for 2012, Happy New Year by the way. I’m spending today at home tackling a few chores like helping my son put his snow tires on the VW GTI; it is not the most behaved vehicle […]

Top Gear holiday show: From Miami to New Orleans

| January 1, 2011

My son couldn’t stop laughing at this Top Gear holiday episode – a road trip from Miami to New Orleans – and wanted me to watch it. It takes a little time so I watch it on New Year’s Day on the computer. “Crazy Brits” definitely applies to a few of the things they do. […]

What’s a “spinnaker face” Mr. Clarkson?

| October 12, 2010

What automotive enthusiast hasn’t chuckled at a few of Jeremy Clarkson remarks on the UK automotive program Top Gear … I’m guessing most of us?  In a recent movie trailer for The Italian Job, Clarkson offers up a few more humorous moments; check out the YouTube trailer of at least the “spinnaker face” clip below. […]

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