2011 Camp – Day #1: RHM

Posted By on June 14, 2011

Reposting the Romanian Handicapped Ministry information for a few in our family …

Day #1 of camp was fabulous as usual with lots of excitement, flowers, and gifts for us, kisses, and lots of hugs! Anna was so excited for ‘camp’ to start that she woke up @ 6 am and would not leave her dad alone until they came 45 minutes early @ 8:20! WE were barely ready!

Everybody attended today, except for Olus, our youngest foundation member, who is one of only a couple who are capable of going to school. BUT, he’s out finding a job. (That makes me feel old!)

Angela brought son, Nicu, as well as her husband, who has Alzheimer’s and many other serious problems. (Please pray for Angela. She has trusted Christ and her continued faithfulness every year is a real encouragement to us!)

Maria was able to bring her severely Down’s Syndrome son, Vasilica. In her upper 70s, and with serious heart condition, she was in tears as she talked about their home situation and the rejecting attitudes of her daughter and son-in-law toward Vasilica. They (mother and son) are not safe there anymore. She believes the only reason she is still alive is to care for Vasilica and protect him. This is a very serious situation that needs prayer. We must find a way to help them! We will be talking about this issue during the trip and when we return.

During the extremely spirited (to put it mildly!) song time, we learned several new songs from the ‘Go Fish Guys’. When the “mosh pit” quickly formed, Jessica led the motions and energy for the ‘10 Commandment Boogie’, a new version of ‘Lord, I lift Your Name on High’, and a jazzed up ‘Yes, Jesus Loves Me’. All who could were on their feet, rocking, clapping, or dancing, and even some parents got into it, as well.

Parents, you would be so proud of all your teens…..they are AMAZING! They are bonding quickly with all the campers and families, working hard and having fun at the same time. Kari did an amazing job on the Bible lesson and even though she said she was out of her comfort zone, you could have fooled US!

The lesson themes were ‘You are a Superstar to God’ and the ‘10 Commandments.’ It went well with the ‘10 Commandment Boogie!’ The clown skit was perfectly casted with naturals Bob (Slade) and Steve (Jones), as is Jessica as stage manager and choreographer. All the rest of us just fall in line!

Tomorrow we make the first 3 of our daily home visits: Maryo, then Nicu (Angela’s son), and then Lucianna. Most of these families are poor, but put on a beautiful ’spread’ when we visit.

I will try to send updates as we continue to bring God’s Love to all who come, and in all that we do. “Whatever you give to the least of these, you do for ME…”

Until later, Chris for 2011 Romania Team

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