Debating the Kindle vs. Nook e-reader

| June 29, 2011

Still contemplating an e-reader or tablet computer and reading a WSJ article and opinion. At least for now, the Nook is in the lead. Even without its touch screen, the Nook has a few other features that the Kindle lacks. Its company-estimated battery life is two months when used for reading an hour a day […]

Is anybody really happy with their cellphone plan/bill?

| June 29, 2011

A friend of mine recently switched carriers from T-Mobile to Sprint after grumbling about service … and the cellphone subject gave me something to make small talk with to a few of my customers on Tuesday. What I realized is that no matter the carrier, every customer complained. One plan did stand out … Virgin […]

Greek Austerity Vote Seen Passing

| June 29, 2011

The euro edged higher on Wednesday, supported by expectations that the Greek parliament would vote in favor of an austerity package, though wariness that this would only be a short-term solution to the country’s debt problems limited gains. News Headlines

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