2011 Camp in Constanta :Romanian Handicapped Ministry

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Reposting for family following the RHM trip to Constanta, Romania.

2011 Camp in Constanta

Monday June 13th-Set Up Day
Arrived safe and sound!
We slept in a bit today and began set up at camp about 11 AM. We have an amazing camp room this year! It’s more like a huge BALL Room with 2-story ceilings, more soace than we have EVER had, with lots of tables and chairs, and an A/C that actually works!! Everyone worked hard to plan the space, arrange furniture, organize all the crafts and supplies, put up decorations, etc. The hotel gave us huge boards to post the themes, Bible Verses, and 10 Commandments – all translated into Romanian and are very colorful and eye catching.

We spent an hour or more practicing the new Go Fish CD songs and old favorites as well as some new ones that came from some of our team members. Jessica took charge as the skit organizer and choreographer. Kari was preparing for lessons. We even have a flat screen TV with DVD player for the GO Fish Video, and a great sound system! The acoustics in the room are GREAT, so the worship will be AMAZING! Steve and Bob are playing clowns (not too hard) for the Day 1 Skit to demonstrate some of the 10 commandments about stealing and telling lies. (Jessica has had to help keep them in line and work on lines!!)

Everyone is excited and anxious about seeing the families and our foundation members tomorrow!! It’ll be all about them. When the campers leave, we will be visit the Madison Center where our ‘kids’ come weekly for an extensive program. Then we begin family home visits, as well as touring a few choice spots. Will let you know tomorrow.

The hotel is ‘plush’ by Romanian standards, the A/C and the TVs work and there is more than one electrical outlet in each room, and we even have washcloths! The beds are like sleeping on the ‘box’ spring in America, surprisingly comfortable, and we’re probably all exhausted!

Pray for camp that actually starts tomorrow – for the skits, Bible Lesson and worship to touch the hearts of our families. Tomorrow’s themes are Superstar – “We are fearfully and wonderfully made”, and “The “10 Commandments.” We will be grooving to the 10 Commandment Boogie and many MORE

So far everyone is eating and healthy and rested, though it’s 12:45 AM and I MUST sleep……more tomorrow. This is the first Romanian trip that I have been able to get wireless and pull up AOL. Praise God!!
God Bless, Chris for Romanian Team 2011


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