Going through extraordinary lengths to steal a dinghy

Posted By on July 10, 2011

Thief gives a CCTV camera a clear view of his face before stealing a dinghy

My sailing friends will appreciate this … my nomination for a Darwin award — such as with this “dingy” or “dinghy” thief. Of course this is unless his case will be decided by the jurors who heard the Casey Anthony case! (check out the email image below that a Canadian viewer sent to Bill O’Reilly … a very good point)

The halfwit tried to conceal his identity by clambering up a pole to nobble the camera.

Cops are hunting the thief and an accomplice after they pinched the craft from a boatyard to cross the River Blyth.

The dinghy was found abandoned on a riverbank.

Inspector Trevor Oakley from Northumbria Police said the men stole the boat to "avoid the long walk round to North Blyth".

It looks like catching them will be plain sailing…

From the UK paper The Sun



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