A disappointing World Cup moment for United States Soccer

Posted By on June 18, 2010

altidorearguesref100618 I’m definitely not a soccer fan or someone who closely follows the World Cup, but as the games proceed into the weekend, I’ve been someone conscious of our nation’s team and find myself cheering for a strong finish.

Today’s game against Slovenia was one of disappointment after a valiant comeback. The United States rallied from a two-goal halftime deficit to tie Slovenia 2-2 yet having an erroneous offside call disallow a winning US score. So once again, a tie for the United States is the best they can do in Friday’s play. Tremendous comeback nevertheless.


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    You’re offbase with being disapointed. The second half shows the United States is a competitive world class soccer team. No disappointment here!

  • The call was AWFUL. If anything, there are at least 4 holding calls on Slovenia, yet the call goes against the US. Nevermind the earlier yellow card (on a phantom handball) on a US player that means he’ll have to miss the next game (yellows in the last two).

    Watch the egregious call here – http://ballhype.com/video/edu-offsides-call-v-slovenia-disallowed-world-cup-goal/

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