Once upon a time, the Palm Pre was a great pocket phone #TBT

Posted By on June 15, 2023

Palm Pre in 2009 Back in 2009, after years of using Palm OS products like the Palm Pilot, the Handspring Visor, Palm Palm LogoTreo, Palm Centro and my favorite Samsung SPH i500, I eventually ended up with a small pocketable, full-featured smartphone — the Palm Pre. Who knew that only a year later that I would be forced to give it up?

Why? Because Hewlett Packard bought the Palm, did “something” (who knows) with the their operating system known as webOS … and then deep-sixed the hardware just as they did with Compaq when that bought them (I still own a Compaq portable). Never really have been a fan of HP.

But anyway for ThrowBack Thursday #TBT, here’s a photo of both the sliding physical keyboard and me using the GPS and brand new Google Maps for driving … for posterity.

Since I’m still using an iPhone7-plus on a new-to-me USMobile trial that is SEVEN models behind the current iPhone14, I’m really thinking A LOT about what I’m waiting for in a new phone. I do really like the new Motorola Razr (click previous post below) but it is not iOS? ☹️


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