Should plan a trip home to Sidney for the movie Jimmy

Posted By on June 17, 2013

jimmyboxThe movie Jimmy made its début in early June and will be screened in my hometown with a high school classmate of mine introducing the movie and answers a few questions (it shows at 3PM and 9PM at the Historic Sidney Theatre for those interested or in the area).

It would have been great to have planned my work week and a returning trip on Friday to Sidney in order to go with my dad, as this kind of non-offensive movie would be something he would enjoy (he’s not a big movie go-er). Even though some of the critics were downright cruel (OUCH), the movie … or perhaps listening to the music composed by Rob Pottorf would have still been worthwhile. For now we’ll just keep our eyes on it showing in Cincinnati … or maybe have our own showing IF I ever get the home theater in the basement put back together?


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