TechFriday: Twitter updates their mobile look

Posted By on June 16, 2017

TwitterUpdate170615We’ll see how the new iOS Twitter update is received by users, but since it is my go-to social network for all things news, I’ve download the hefty update to my aging iPhone5s and will see how bogged down it feels (very sluggish of late on most apps). Hopefully it will continue to run reasonable quick and the new look will be palatable, unlike Yahoo Finance’s NEW Portfolio … serious pushback. Stay tuned for grumbling or praise.

Twitter gets a makeover with faster navigation, a cleaner interface and circular profile pictures

  • The biggest alteration moves the profile to a side navigation tab
  • This will leave four main tabs at the bottom of the screen
  • Other changes include tweaks to typography, icons and layout
  • The changes are being rolled out and will continue in the coming weeks

A redesign of Twitter has been announced that should make the social media site faster and easier to use.
Many of the changes are fairly subtle, but they are aimed at creating a more uniform experience for users on different platforms.
The alterations have been made in response to feedback from Twitter’s 313 million monthly active users about elements they didn’t like, according to the firm.

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EDIT: After the update … here’s the difference? (old on left, new on right)


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