The 2013 Chevy Cruze diesel holds promise, but needs tweaks

Posted By on October 11, 2011

According to the Detroit News and reporter Scott Burgess, there were a few areas still in need of improvement before 2013 Chevrolet’s diesel Cruze will satisfy most chevycruzedieselAmerican drivers. He points positively to the estimated 50 mpg and 800 range, but in a recent 587 mile trip around Europe, he was only able to return 42 miles per gallon … but on a wide range of roads. He also commented that the Cruze is currently “loud and proud” meaning the clackity-clack of the diesel injectors hasn’t been muffled enough … yet. He suggests that this is something “Europeans don’t seem to mind that much, but Americans will hold their nose up at it like a Frenchman looking at processed cheese.” On the other hand, the 130 mph speed on the Autobahn is something sure to bring a smile to those who have a need for power and speed. Not many 2.0 passenger car engines are delivering performance like that and still able to return combined tank fuel efficiency run above 40 mpg.

Volkswagen TDIs are still the diesels to beat when it comes to small diesels in America, but I for one am glad to see a domestic car company inching into their space and pushing the bar higher … and hopefully the prices lower?


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