Heading south for a couple days of warm weather and sun

Posted By on March 5, 2012


… and hopefully sailing.

Since Taylor is on spring break and isn’t heading with is Fraternity buddies to a drinking location with half of Miami University (and that half may be an under-statement), I suggested he and I drive down to Encore and spend a few days on the boat. Cheap trip for him, worthwhile project trip for me and some time with my son (who knows how many more trips we’ll get?)

taylorsunrisecapecanlock120 taylorfordfocushatch
Waiting at the locks to pick up the Zodiac (don’t ask why he’s wearing the cowboy hat)

Anyway … after a night and day of driving I’m dead beat after picking up the Zodiac from Lifeline in Cape Canaveral this morning.


We did head to the beach and took a nap upon arrival … let me just say, “it was nice.”



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