Mom’s out of surgery but a bit groggy

Posted By on May 12, 2012

My mom’s surgery went semi-okay today. The surgeon indicated that he was able to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, but unfortunately with the infected tissue (and possibly bone) they were unable to “cement” the vertebrae fractures. Long term this will be a problem but can’t be repaired until infection is gone. She will be in a hospital a bit longer for the infection … but I’m hoping the pain is gone as it is hard to see your mother in pain.

My brother and his wife were with dad at the hospital today and Brenda and Katelyn will spend mother’s day with her. Hopefully she will be back on her feet and have relief from the pain – really the number one concern at this point. We can address the fractures, etc later.

Taylor, Katie and Alicia continued to have fun today with a day trip in the Zodiac inflatable. They headed off to Taylor’s favorite private island with lunch, exploration and sun. I worked on the overdue teak trim and took off one of my Spinlock line clutches that I hope to repair. Also replaced a headlight in my son’s VW GTI – he was stopped, but not ticketed by the police last night. (below is a confusing but candid “instagram” photo – confusing because the girls and Taylor are “just friends” – hmm?)



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