Spinal Decompression surgery and a few days on the boat

Posted By on May 12, 2012

I’ll start off with the stressful update that my mom will be going in for spinal decompression surgery at OSU Wexler Medical Center on Saturday … and that I won’t be there.  Her doctors are cautious, but confident that they will be able to relieve pain by eliminating pressure the nerve bundles and spinal cord in her back. We’ve been praying for a solution to her terrible pain … and are thankful that there is a neurosurgeon willing to offer hope. There is a part of me thinking I should cut my trip short and head back, but am also thankful that my brother Ron and his wife Claire will be with my dad tomorrow (followed by Brenda on Sunday).

katiealiciataylor_encore120 captainrich120511
Friends Katie Gormas, Alicia Frost and Taylor enjoying a day of sailing with me.

The much more positive news is that I enjoyed the day sailing with Taylor and a couple of his friends. The weather was pleasant, east wind a little strong and oceans swell at the edge of being uncomfortable. We sailed the Atlantic most of the morning and heading in after a few stomachs were getting queasy. Once back in the Intercoastal was well and we continued sail south on the waterway a while before turning back north and pulling back to our dock. Thankfully all were a big help in getting the boat washed down before dinner at Chili’s … and then a night out for two college graduates and my 5th year senior.

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