Sailboat repairs and How-To questions

Posted By on May 13, 2012


In keeping with my sailboat repairs theme, I removed one of the Spinlock line clamps thinking I might be able to order parts and repair at home. Unfortunately getting the bolts out and permanent bonding materials to let go was another issue. I did finally get the cam lock off.

I’m also reworking some of my teak toe rail and applying  a few coats of Cetol. There are a few areas where the stainless steel fittings inside are rusting and staining the decks. Besides using some harsh toilet bowl cleaner on the fiberglass deck, are there any other options a reader can recommend? The cleaning project is probably secondary to removing the offending bolts and nuts and replacing, but then that is a whole other project.

ruststainsfrt120512 ruststainsrear120512


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