A long drive with rain off and on – I26 & I40 were beautiful

Posted By on May 15, 2012


Headed home after a quick few days with Taylor and his friends on the boat. Project were minimal but we had a great time and had some interesting stories – the one about “Rick” would have any parent giving a lecture (ah … memories). Surprisingly I found the time comfortable on the boat even though four in a confined space can be challenging … it says a lot about Taylor’s friends who were able to adjust and enjoy spending time sleeping on less than perfect berths without the privacy most girls would require. Oh … and they took me out for a nice dinner for hosting them! Very nice … and very much enjoyed!


chrysler200rental120514They left about 6:30 AM and drove home. I followed after an 8:30 meeting, a boat clean-up and wipe down and trip to the storage locker. As I headed north on I95 I realized the vibration in the Ford Focus $7 for the week rental “deal” was not going to cut it for the next 1000 miles. I called Thrifty and swapped cars in Daytona Beach  and ended up with a very nice but “gutless” Chrysler 200. (very comfortable on the highway, btw)



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