Google pulled firearms from their shopping search

Posted By on July 12, 2012

Google, an avid supporter of the 1st amendment, has decided they are NOT so supportive of the 2nd amendment … as I figured out after a few days of recent search failures for what Google classifies as “non-family safe” products — in this case, firearms.


After using a particular firearm a few months ago, I’ve been searching for availability using Google in hopes to find an M&P Shield (above). It was released by Smith and Wesson early this year and production hasn’t kept up with demand on this good quality and fair priced handgun. The “shopping” search worked fine in April, May and most of June and returned long list of stores selling the product (all out of stock). Then recently I noticed that I couldn’t pull the same searches??? A quick glance at the news page indicated Google had decided to censure items they deemed “non-family safe.” Shame on them for taking a restrictive stand against businesses marketing and a U.S. citizen’s Constitutional right to purchase and own a firearm … or in this case just searching availability and pricing. 

In its shopping service, Google “doesn’t allow the promotion of weapons or devices designed to cause serious harm or injury,” the website said, describing its advertising policies.

The ban includes “guns, gun parts or hardware, ammunition, bombs, knives, throwing stars, and brass knuckles,” it said.

Adsense listing to gun stores with an online business presence:

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