Liberty Township Ohio lightning takes another home

Posted By on July 18, 2012

Yikes … another lightning strike and fire too close to home (below is an out the window Palm Pre video on my way home tonight).

This make the second house fire due to lightning in the last couple months in an area within walking distance from our home (May 2nd: LINKamateur video). The surrounding area is an elevated plateau and has been a target for weather in the past, but having lost two homes back to back to fire makes me question this location (Four Bridges home and King of Kings “Jesus” statue). I can also recall several other homes being hit by lightning and suffering damage within a 1/4 mile radius … and think a previous home which has since been replace by a church burned to the ground???


I’ve suspected that the area we live in was chosen for the Voice of America Bethany Station years ago due to the elevated ground and clay based flat antenna space. Fortunately cold war ended, but unfortunately for shortwave radio hobbyists the VOA towers were taken down. It still seems that the location attracts sheer winds, tornadoes and thunderstorms more than other places I’ve lived and we get more lightening strikes too. I hope all were safe in today’s fire as it looked to be a townhome type area (update later).


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