Markets up after Fed action while mideast continues in turmoil

Posted By on September 14, 2012

djia2day120914While the financial markets here in the U.S. climb due to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke initiating QE3 and adding more dollars to the economy, the Muslim fanatics in other parts of the world protest, breach U.S. embassies and kill Americans. The current response from the Obama Administration has been cautious and seemingly sends mixed messages to those with motives to harm America – as they have for the last four-years. I say “mixed messages” because President Obama has used aggressive actions against known terrorists with drone strikes and SEAL raids, but not so clear when he talks to the powers that be in the middle east (or other parts of the world for that matter). I understand the desire for peace and the Carter-like gentler approach, but at some point we must conclude that apologies and perceived weakness only encourages radicals to strike out not expecting much pushback.


I tend to side with those who believe that the Reagan “peace through strength” policies are a better diplomatic approach when dealing with the Arab world. The only way to squelch the uprising is to be clear and decisive as to what will happen if governments permit radicals from breaching “sovereign U.S. property” or “murdering Americans.” Strike immediately, directly and firmly when we are targeted. Expect immediate apologies from nations where uprisings are happening and swift action in securing our embassies if they want to continue relations with the U.S. (and money … although it feels like we’re paying protection to the mob. Very questionable).

I’m hoping that the President is just waiting to get Americans to safety before initiating action … but know we need to demonstrate that attacking U.S. embassies and killing Americans will not be tolerated.


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