Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T Mobile: Comparing LTE markets

Posted By on September 21, 2012

While waiting for delivery of a new 4G LTE phone, it made sense to compare carriers who currently have markets offering these higher data rates (currently Verizon, AT&T and Sprint). For many in the U.S. and overseas who are locked into existing contracts or not near LTE metro areas, buying a 4G LTE phone will mean little.


Unfortunately for me, Sprint currently has a weak LTE footprint for an iPhone 5 with LTE radio chip, but they do promise an aggressive rollout in 2013 – sprint4gwimaxwho knows when the Ohio cities will come online? My wife and daughter occasionally use Sprint’s WiMax 4G which improves on 3G speeds, but has a small footprint and drains an already taxed smartphone battery (although the WiMax 4G footprint is far larger than their current LTE offering).

Verizon has hit the media airwaves heavy with ads highlighting their LTE coverage (video) and is using it to attract data hungry jeffsspeedtest120917users desiring faster speeds. AT&T seems to be struggling to catch up, but where they do have service, the speeds are impressive. A friend of mine traveling to Orlando last week sent me his AT&T speed test. Not bad unless your data use is limited … but that’s for another post.
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