We had a nice weekend with Katelyn and Drew

Posted By on September 17, 2012

k_d_weekend120915I didn’t access the computer much this weekend since Katelyn and Drew were home to “cake taste” and to handle some wedding planning details … thankfully my involvement is minimal.
We did have a nice time together … talking, playing cards, reading some of my mom’s “legacy box” and watching the movie “Hunger Games.” It was an ‘ok’ movie and I’ll give it an 8 just because it had some excellent effects, but personally found it moved a bit too slow. Maybe it was just me?

After church we headed to the _____ … whoops, I’m not suppose to talk about that. Mums the word … my mouth is shut even though those glancing at my blog would not “spill the beans.” Let’s just say it was great to be include in the planning.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I couldn’t couldn’t have pick a guy more perfect for Katelyn than Drew. They complement each other perfectly.


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