Needed maintenance has me really wanting improvements

Posted By on September 18, 2012


An article on “do-it-yourself” home improvement ideas for empty-nesters caught my eye since we’re at a place where updates and repairs are on my mind. I currently need to work on the pool tiles before closing, painting is an ongoing update and I know our AC and furnace are showing signs of age … unfortunately the above aren’t really any fun. I’d rather have something new to show for the money and sweat … like the garage improvements above (ain’t gonna happen). Here are a few subject lines from the article that offered a few more details that might be do-able?

Garage shelving
It may not be enough to simply clean out the garage. Your garage may need a complete overhaul. (suggested on part epoxy for the floor too … but what I really need is to stop collecting junk!)

Home gym
There’s no excuse not to work out if there’s a gym inside your house. Turning a spare bedroom into a home gym is bound to get you to work out more and add value to your home if you’re aiming to put your house on the market. (we already have one that I don’t use enough … and it has the recommended mirror wall too!)

Installing a ceiling fan
Whether you’re adding a ceiling fan in your new home gym or in another bedroom, a ceiling fan is a cost effective way to cool down a room without having to run the air conditioning.

Banquette seating
Adding banquette seating (built in seats, similar to window seats) to your kitchen table area is a relatively inexpensive renovation that’s bound to transform the kitchen.

Installing a chandelier
While chandeliers add a striking look to your living room or foyer, they don’t come cheap.

If you’re noticing high electric bills, you might need to take a look at your home’s insulation, which helps to keep the home warm in the winter months.

Painting doors and trims

Repainting an entire room is a big DIY project. However, repainting the doors or trim is a less stressful task and is bound to update the look of the room. (I prefer the oil paint for trim)

Do you have bookshelves where your kids would keep textbooks? Chances are it’s time to upgrade the shelves to add a more sophisticated look. 

Memory wall
Finally, instead of purchasing some new artwork for your home, consider creating a memory wall to bring back some of the memories of when your children were younger. (done)


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