Gasoline prices top $5.00 in California

Posted By on October 9, 2012


Seriously folks, are we really suppose to see an economic recovery with incomes down $4000/year for the average family over the past 4 years and the cost of fuel and food up? At least with over the board inflation peoples paychecks rise a little along with prices … but not in this Obamaconomy.

The latest surge in gasoline is certainly taking dollars out of the economy … dollars that the weak U.S. recovery would be better spent on products and services. With that kind of spending we are at least creating jobs, but unfortunately all higher fuel prices do is to zap whatever rebound the current administration’s “hope and change” promises. I’m not saying Mitt Romney’s plan is a perfect solution or an overnight fix, but how can voters justify four more years of growing debt and stagnation?

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