A nation divided – countdown to the 2012 presidential election

Posted By on November 5, 2012

demrepub_genericgraphicOne more post before election day as we’re finally on the home stretch to 11/6/2012. Thankfully a presidential election, and the ridiculous amount of money being spent, takes place only once every 4 years. Let’s hope we can shift this same kind of energy to governing our country and dealing with the enormous fiscal problems. That’s not to say that I’m not sensitive to the social issues that can pit family member against family member (thankfully not mine), but unless we address our economy problems, there won’t be a reason to argue about who should pay for Ms. Fluke’s birth control pills or stands up for human rights overseas. Eventually even our sugar daddy, Uncle Sam, won’t be able keep borrowing and printing more money in order to keep up with our politician’s spending addiction.

The trouble is not [that] either party ignores the will of the American people. It’s that they both keep giving the people just what they want.  — Aaron Ross Powell 11/5/2012

Since Ohio is “ground zero” for this year’s election, demrepub_genericgraphicI’m pretty focused on getting as many votes counted for Romney/Ryan as possible. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much energy on the Republican side, but the polls don’t seem to reflect what I see. I wonder if my limited circle of business accounts keeps me from the urban areas or if I’m just talking to like minded folks? I travel weekly to NE Ohio and definitely see more Obama/Biden signs, but in my business calls do not see the same energy the GOP and Independents are expressing in an anti-Obama direction. Even my hardcore liberal friends don’t seem quite as motivated as they did in 2008. We shall see.

Senator Rob Portman (R-OH)  was on CNBC Squawk Box this morning and shared what he sees in campaigning for Mitt Romney throughout Ohio … and its the same as I’m seeing.

CNBC — Squawk Box with Ohio Sen. Rob Portman (mp3) (video below)


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