Is the GOP just venting its loss or in serious disarray?

Posted By on November 16, 2012

I have purposely not entered an “excuses” comment or worse since everyone in the conservative political realm has an opinion and I’m tired of hearing the internal bickering. I personally prefer the conclusion that neither party had a decisive mandate – the country is indeed split – but know that the Republicans will have to do more to include Hispanics and younger voters. Realistically the core principles of fiscal responsibility, individual freedom and national security DO NOT need to change, but will need to be communicated and understood better. As is repeated by pundits on the right, Hispanics are a natural fit for the GOP; the other (younger voters) may need to come to their conclusion after experiencing “more” of President Obama’s big government failed economic policies.

obamacatholicsAnother more troubling statistic is the trouble that Mitt Romney and the GOP had in attracting people of faith … or at least those “denoting a faith.” I was shocked to read that approximately 52% of Catholic voters cast their ballots for President Obama." This after his administration started a war against long standing religious principles that are taught by the Catholic Church.

Catholic adoption agencies and charities have been forced to close their doors and shutter their services in order to avoid complying with federal and state mandates to place children with same-sex couples. In 2013, Catholic employers will be forced to provide birth control and abortifacient-drugs in their health insurance offerings or pay millions of dollars in fines. Will they follow the path of the adoption agencies? The church has been told that private beliefs must remain that, private. And yet the people in the pew continue to support the man behind this assault.

Unfortunately it didn’t get much better with Protestants as a Pew study indicated that “a full 42% of all Protestants (which includes evangelical Christians) voted for Obama.” And even after President Obama stood distant from Israel and remained “nonchalance about the safety of the Israeli people, 69% of Jews voted for him.”

Conclusion? Voting for Obama may have enabled people of faith to feel good about voting for someone “who is going to make things “fair” for everyone. They didn’t have to support a man who was realistic about what it will take to get this country back on track to prosperity and liberty. That man doesn’t care about “fairness”; he cares about responsibility and liberty. And those aren’t comfortable concepts. So thousands and thousands of Catholics, Christians, and Jews cast their votes for a man who despises their worldview and is actively working to limit their liberties.”

Quotes from ClashDaily


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