It is time to upgrade my original Slingbox and add an iOS app

Posted By on November 19, 2012

Upgrades, discounts, sales, coupons … way too much temptation. There is yet another reason to ignore email advertising or online marketing. Unfortunately I’m not taking my own advice slingbox350and caved in to SlingMedia’s offer of a discount to upgrade my device either of their newer Slingboxes – 350 or “melted and warped” 500. I’ve opted for the more conventional looking and lower priced 350 and plan to replace my original Slingbox, which no longer works with my current mobile devices like it once did.

Mobile aside, I still use it daily in the corner of my computer screen running a silenced CNBC feed and don’t think I’ll mind the improved HDTV picture quality … if it streams? There is an added plus that the newer Slingboxes will work with the iPhone 5 so I’ll be interested to see how my unlimited Sprint connection streams or chokes on the data — 3G for the time being. I’m really not sure how it will work on the go (sorry for the pessimism), but am hoping that I can return to accessing content at least once in a while while traveling.

Unfortunately it looks like I’ll be required to buy 2 versions of the Slingplayer (supposedly on sale for $14.99) IF I want access on both my iPad and iPhone?



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