Post election stock market sell-off is painful for investors

Posted By on November 7, 2012

I’ve unfortunately been watching the financial markets react negatively to the re-election of “less than business friendly” President Obama this morning and I am struggling to decipher what the future holds for investors and those saving for college or retirement.


In the middle of a 300+point DOW drop is probably not the time to form one’s decision as to what to do about retirement savings, but it does get one contemplating whether or not President Obama and the Republican controlled congress can or will be willing to address the nation’s fiscal woes?

It would be nice to see an olive branch extended (particularly from the big winner – Mr. President) … for now, hold onto your hat.

I’m watching as cash rich $AAPL has dropped 20% off it’s high just a month or so ago. Is it time to add a few shares?



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