The American people give President Obama 4 more years

Posted By on November 7, 2012


The 2012 presidential election is over and I am reminded of my subject line four years ago …  “life goes on.”  Of course at that time my conclusion was that the nation was  tired of the excessive deficit spending, a slow economy, the housing and banking woes, job losses and continuing unrest overseas under a Republican president. Voters then were attracted to the promise of a new kind of transparent administration offering “hope and change.” Even I wondered, under a President with this kind of vision, how much worse can it be? Transparency, working together and a new optimism that encouraged young people and minorities was good.

Now, 4 years later, we’re stuck at high unemployment, slow to recover from a 4 year recession, deeper in debt and government has expanded its reach (and size) even further than its already bloated and inefficient self. President Obama shows little leadership and doesn’t make much of an effort to do more than campaign (at least the last year and a half). Housing hasn’t improved in most places, companies are slow to hire and leery to expand, business owners and managers are over regulated and over taxed (corporate tax rates the highest in the world) … and unless something is done, we are facing what has been dubbed the “fiscal cliff” and a second recession if not worse.  I’m not really sure what why Americans chose Obama this time around, but obviously they’re not concerned as I am about the path we are on?

Wednesday morning results with Florida still too close to call

As for the election results, Americans were engaged. Voters returned to the polls in record numbers and they seemed motivated by the distinctly different visions  – or perhaps skewed by the campaigns and media hype? In any case Republicans need to take note if they are to remain relevant: the United States is demographically changing and Democrats speak more effectively to the growing segment Hispanics and younger voters. These voting blocks once again made the difference when it came to getting people to the voting booth. Minorities, single women and younger voters broke decidedly in favor of the President and they either embraced his leadership or disliked what they heard from his Republican challenger Mitt Romney enough to vote against him. Frankly, I’m not sure what is so encouraging about the policies and vision touted by the Democrats … or for that matter why Americans have chosen 4 more years of Obama leadership … but they did.  I am concerned not only about the next four years, but about the direction and future of our country.


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