Book: General Stanley McChrystal and My Share of the Task

Posted By on January 15, 2013

myshareoftask_genstanmccry4If you enjoy reading history and military biographies, the new General Stanley McChrystal autobiography My Share of the Task will be your “cup of tea Joe.”

I ordered an ebook version last week after reading a couple short reviews and found it difficult to put down. In fact, I found myself rewinding the Tivo buffer when watching football playoff games this weekend due to reading distraction (usually the opposite!) It is an interesting read and is very easy to become absorbed in Gen. McChrystals’ memories during a time span I remember well. His leadership qualities are apparent from the respect others give him, as well as the focus he himself placed on becoming a good “leader.” After reading about half the book, one conclusion I made is that great leaders are made through hard work, dedication, attention to one’s education and personal discipline; leaders aren’t just born “leaders.”

youngmcchrystal"High-and-tight" McChrystal in 1999 speaking to the 75th Ranger Regiment

Although I usually still buy books like this in hardcover, I’ve opted to purchase this one in the Kindle format to read on my iPad due to the significant cost difference between  the new release hardcover at Amazon $17.98, the  Amazon Kindle eBook price (Kindle version $14.99) and the “questionable” “50% off ebook price.” I’m still not sure the version I purchase is 100% legal?

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