They don’t make them like they used to: Electric clothes dryers

Posted By on February 18, 2013

gedryerteflonbearingWhen we were first married, we had an old hand-me-down clothes dryer from my in-laws … along with an electric “Maytag ringer washer” that came with our first house. The dryer was about 20 years old when we first started using it and lasted another 15 years or so and could be easily self-repaired.

When we moved to Cincinnati, we bought a new matching GE washer and dryer with cheapened knobs and a variety of less durable molded plastic parts – some that I’ve complained about before. The ease of access in order to diagnosis is also an issue … as I found out while tracking down a dryer squeak. The photo to the left shows the “fail” … the Teflon slide bearings wear and eventually the drum grinds down the plastic housing. I suspect buying a new dryer would have been much easier than tearing apart the dryer (what a pain) as well as the hassle in shipping when ordering a new surround and bearing kit – it still isn’t here! ($21.75+sh)



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