Repaired a long overdue dripping faucet this past weekend

Posted By on March 11, 2013

replacedmoencart130307After 30 years of replacing seats, springs and stems in Delta style faucets, I had my first Moen cartridge repair this weekend. Ours has been dripping for about a year now (hot side only) and after the basement flooding I’ve decided it was time to finally fix this kitchen faucet too. The all in one cartridge is a bit more expensive (especially as the local hardware store) and surprisingly not as straight forward of a repair as I expected. (if you have hard water and lime, a cartridge puller might be helpful.)

After a disassembly and cleaning, the new cartridge fit in easily … what wasn’t quite as simple for me was reassembly since I didn’t pay as close of attention as I should have when taking the faucet apart. After a few tries, voila … what an improvement!


Moen cartridge puller can be helpful if you have older faucets and calcium/lime water



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